West Ranga rock´s on

18th of august 2016

Everyday new schools of fish is entering the West Ranga river, we have lately had days with catches up to 140 fish a day, pretty good fishing if you ask us, actually very good.

This year the fish is not located in only one beat or a few pool´s but is in every pool all the way up to Arbajarfoss this means that no one is having a dead beat or dead pools with no fish and there is action all over the river as the fishing is right now, we hope and expect that the fishing continues the next weeks and if the fishing goes on like this the rest of the season we might turn the magical 10.000 fish mark before end of season.

This year we have had a lot of focus on not only numbers, but also updating the quality on the river and the lodge and we will in the future have a lot of more focus on how we can raise the experience for our clients visiting our lodge and the river, we will look into many different things and we are sure that longtime clients visiting the next season´s will notice the improvements.

This year rainbows truly have been shining over the West Ranga River.

Stay tuned for more info.


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