The fantastic trout fishing in West Ranga continues…

25th of April 2018 – We knew there was trout in our river, but we are amazed over the amount and size of the trout in the West Ranga, after the opening days were the anglers did very well and saw there was serious fish in the river system as they lost quite a few really big fish, but the last 10 days we have been very surprised over the shape, size and numbers of big trophy trout from the river.


The river was visited of anglers from Norway, they are all skilled trout anglers and therefore all tactics and strategies to catch trout was open, despite we knew they all were good anglers also we who have the river just outside the lodge and mostly are focused on the salmon fishing in the summer must admit that we here have a hidden gem for big trouts. Just have a look on the pictures above and below, they speak for themself.


Below a picture of biggest fish of the week was a monster on 85 cm caught in the late afternoon  after a epic fight were the fish for a long time seemed to win the battle, but after a long fight and due to a lot of skills from the angler and help from her fellow angler they managed finally to land this enormous West Ranga brown trout, congratulations Sarah, well done.!! No need to say that all fishing for brown trout, seatrout and char is catch and release only in the river to secure the state of the river and the population of the trouts, we have been practicing this for 2 years now and we will continue doing that in the future as we see this as the only right thing to do.

We control 70 km of main river and 40 km of tributaries running into the West Ranga so we have plenty of room for you and your friends and on top af that a river with big trouts waiting only for you, so If you want to book trout fishing in the West Ranga river this season or next season please contact our campmanager Johannes Hinriksson for availability on phone +354 696 7030 or here on mail