Salmon season 2017

26th of June 2017. After last years crazy opening which was the wildest opening for decades for the West Ranga river we this year had a more normal start of the season. The opening fishing is in June only done by 12 rods and the fishing was actually quite good if you ask the clients visiting the river the first days, after the first 6 days the total of the river was 90 fish including the lower parts of the east bank of Holsa.

Biggest fish was 90 cm, but larger fish was lost and schools with big fish were seen circling in the lower waterfall waiting to enter the ladder to the upper part of the river, when these fish which many of them is around and over 100 cm decide to settle in pools above the waterfall anglers are in for a threat, happy days are ahead of us.

We took a trip out to the beach to check the place were the river runs into the Atlantic Ocean, it looked very good and the conditions for the fish to enter the river was looking perfect, we expect and we hope that big runs will enter the river throughout the next weeks with lot´s of catches to follow.