30 august 2019 – The two last weeks have been up and down in terms of fish and fishing as the numbers is going down due to only few fish running into the river at this time of the year, but we have still had some really nice big fish taking the fly and there have been some really tuff fighting

Biggest fish of the season sofar

22th of august 2019 – The weather this week was really mixed, first some really nice and calm days and then three days of very strong northen wind and some hours storm every day that effected the fishing, and on the same time made it very difficult to cast as well as it seems that the salmon s

Best day of the season.

12th of august – Finally a change in the weather! The start of last week was warm, but the last couple of days have been cold with wind coming from the north so maybe we will see more normal Icelandic summer temperatures again.

The catches have been good this week and the best day of the seas

Big fish week.

6th of august – Afraid to repeat myself, but the weather stays the same, and this last week even a bit warmer. We really hope for a major change, but the forecast for the next many days says very little rain and no big change so we just need to adapt to this kind of weather in Iceland this yea

Exciting project

30th of July – The weather is still very warm for Iceland, this year have been very strange and no one can remember a situation like the one we have this year, we all really hope for some rain and a lot of it for a couple of weeks to even out the last months dry weather, again last week we hav

Best week sofar.

22th of July – We have a very special story to share with you this week, a sweet little girl called Katrín, 7 years old came unexpectedly with her father as he was invited to fish a West Ranga on a rod by a friend witch could not make it.
Her father Àstþór wich fishes the West Ranga river

First big run of the season.

16th of July – Big change this past week, it started slowly but that have now changed for sure. The weather went from untraditional Icelandic weather as in sunny and warm to more normal Icelandic summer, cloudy, rain and wind. The wind was a bit tough for a while but calmed down in the eveni

Finally some rain.

9th of July – Last week we finally got some rain, great, but it only lasted for no more than a day, the rest of the week came with bright shining sun again like have been in Iceland the last 2 months. The water level still a bit low, but plenty though so worries about that.
Sigurdur a young ma


28th of June – After unusually sunny and warm spring days, West Ranga finally opened early morning the 20th of June. Exited Anglers from Norway had arrived the day before.

Before the opening day we had not seen salmon in the river witch is unusual.But they where there and 19 salmon where lan

1th of April 2019

1th of April – Fools day is normally the day you try to pull a leg on your friends and family so here it comes, “22 big trouts on the 4 rods in West Ranga today” Yes is sound like a joke, but it is not, we have had a dream opening on the trout fishing today, the morning star

West Ranga full of fish.

16th of July 2018 – Just got a call from a very happy campmanager in the West Ranga who could tell that the river is full of fish and anglers have had a fantastic morning in the river with a lot of fish caught and even more hooked and lost, so the fishing in the river is really good at the mom

Fishing still good.

23th of June 2018 – Anglers have been struggling with a lot of wind and rain after the weather changede two days ago, still good fishing for most of the anglers despite the tuff conditions, also a lot of trout have been caught the last two days, beautiful fish most trout anglers would love to

Big fish around in the West Ranga.

20th of june 2018 – First day of the salmon season is a date all salmon anglers are looking forward to, almost like kids are looking forward to christmas, this years opening showed that there was 2SW fish in all pools from the highway bridge in Hella and all the way down to Djupos, biggest fis

The fantastic trout fishing in West Ranga continues…

25th of April 2018 – We knew there was trout in our river, but we are amazed over the amount and size of the trout in the West Ranga, after the opening days were the anglers did very well and saw there was serious fish in the river system as they lost quite a few really big fish, but the last

Great opening of the trout fishing in West Ranga

19th of April 2018 – We have had a group Norwegians to open up the trout fishing on West Ranga river, they did really well and West Ranga delivered some really nice trophy trout for the group the days they were visiting us in the river, they managed to catch over 30 trout despite the weather s

Great season in the West River

2th of October -2017.  This year we have had another fantastic season in the West Ranga, we are at this very moment passing 7000 landed Atlantic salmon in the river, so we are super happy for the result this season, especially when we know that most other Icelandic rivers have be struggling with lo

Good times in the West.

22th of July 2017 – The fishing is good at the moment with daily catches up to 50 fish a day, still with some really nice MSW fish around, the numbers is little less compared last years crazy fishing witch was out of this world, but still very good and this will be a more normal season. Yester

Salmon season 2017

26th of June 2017. After last years crazy opening which was the wildest opening for decades for the West Ranga river we this year had a more normal start of the season. The opening fishing is in June only done by 12 rods and the fishing was actually quite good if you ask the clients visiting the riv

One more…

3th of June 2017 While we are waiting for the salmon season to open up on the lower part of West Ranga river the 20th of june, anglers are experiencing really good fishing on the trout beats on the Upper River, here below it is a very happy Ivar Pedersen from Denmark with a +5 kg dreamtrout from one

Fantastic trouts from West Ranga

16th of May. Anglers is experiencing some very good fishing for big resident trout at the West Ranga river at the moment – A few of our very skilled guides had a great time all the way down at Husabakki at the lower part of West Ranga where the trout above took the fly. The fishing have not on

Video counter

At the moment we are installing the newest VAKI video counter in the lower waterfall of West Ranga, we look forward to see the live stream in the West Ranga lodge from the river, especially the size on the salmon entering the river and how early the salmon comes into our system will be very interest

Trout fishing opens today.

1th of may 2017 While the rest of Iceland opening up for the trout fishing the 1th of april every year, we have decided to wait with the opening of the West Ranga until the 1th of may this year, so today we have had the first anglers on the river, which were not in the best conditions due heavy rai

Great season

12th of oct 2016
What a great season we have had in West Ranga river this year with a lot of fish in the river all through the season and the anglers who have visited us this season have had some very good days during their stay and all wanting to come back to the the river and lodge again for more

End of season…

1th of oct 2016.
End of 2016 season is getting closer and at moment we are just under 9000 fish caught and landed sofar, we are very happy and proud for the result from the river this year, especially when you look back on the season in Iceland this year, many other places in Iceland rivers have bee

West Ranga, Monsters Ink.

25th of aug 2016
Fishing in the mainriver has been slowing down a bit the last days, but the river is full of fish and anglers are still having a great time in the river catching fish, There is monsters in all pools and a angler lost 3 really big fish in one pool yesterday, I walked along one of the

West Ranga rock´s on

18th of august 2016
Everyday new schools of fish is entering the West Ranga river, we have lately had days with catches up to 140 fish a day, pretty good fishing if you ask us, actually very good.
This year the fish is not located in only one beat or a few pool´s but is in every pool all the way up

West Ranga is producing 100 fish a day.

1th of August 2016
Fish still coming in and all anglers are having a great time, we are experience some of the best fishing we have ever seen on the West Ranga river, I talked to Hreinn our riverkeeper yesterday and he told me that fish still comes into the river in good numbers, still with a lot of

3000 salmon mark passed…

25th of July
This morning we passed 3000 salmon landed in the West Ranga river, this is very early in the season to pass this magical number and we are all very pleased, all the hard work that guide, staff and service personel have put into this season is paid back from the river big time, also we n

Hitching the West Ranga river.

19 july 2016
Fishing is still on fire in the West Ranga, we are catching a lot of fish every day and there is an abundance of fish in the river at the moment. Lately a lot of fish has been taken on hitch flies, recently we had an angler from Denmark who caught 31 fish in total and 19 of the fish wer

Pure Madness…

12th of July 2016
Yesterday we had a crazy day, anglers in the river landed 147 fish from the West Ranga river still with a lot of big fish running, this is normally the numbers that comes out of the river in middel of august so the fishing is absolutely unbelievable at the moment, some of the angle

West Ranga is now over 1000 fish.

9th of July
Just talked to Johannes and Hreinn in the logde both of them were very happy, yesterday we passed 1000 salmon caught as we predicted, not a hard prediction to make after the last weeks of fishing, but compared to last year at the same date we had 219 salmon landed so we are very happy fo

Fresh runs everyday.

8th July 2016
We still have some fantastic fishing for the time of year and everybody visiting the river is having a great time fishing the West Ranga river, Fresh runs of fish enters the river on every hightide and all pools in the river are holding fish at the moment, we are still very impressed o

Fishing still very good

3th of July 2016
The great fishing continues in the West Ranga, yesterday anglers in the river landed 86 fish, still with lot of big fish, This year the fish is spread all over the river and this is very positive for the anglers visiting the river as they are in action on all beats when they rotate

409 salmons landed in only 6 days

29th of June 2016
West Ranga has been on fire the first 6 days of the season, total 409 fish landed, very very good fishing if you ask us, especially when you think on the size of the fish, around 80% have been 2SW fish with the biggest topping more than 100 cm, indeed a great opening of West Ranga

Crazy fishing continues

25th of June 2016
The crazy fishing continues in the West Ranga, yesterday the anglers in the river caught 55 nice fish almost all of them 2SW fish with the biggest almost 100 cm long. In the morning all beats where on fire even the free beats between the lower waterfall and Rangafludir was giving g

Unbelievable fishing in the West Ranga

24th June 2016
The opening day of the 23h started with some unreal fishing in West Ranga, we had the best opening of all time, total 122 salmon caught, we had fish everywhere, mostly 2SW but also some grilse around in the pools. Olaf Furre, Norway had a crazy morning with 32 fish landed in only 6 ho

First salmon of the season spotted in West Ranga

3 June 2016 – Very good news…Today the first fresh salmon of the season was spotted in the lower part of the river,  2 fish, one big fish and one smaller grilse was seen by one of our very good friends of  the West Ranga River, Campmanager Johannes Hindriksson confirms that this is the

Seatrout in late April and May

Seatrout in late April and May
This year we started seatrout fishing on a cold april night.
Black ghost with its beautyfull white wing was the first fly to be put out in the cold water of West Ranga this year, it didn’t take long before a silver seatrout took the fly and gave a very good figh

Lots of big salmon

This year had seen a huge number of big salmon, we predict even bigger numbers of 2  SW fish in West Ranga in 2016

130 salmon in one day

We are in prime time and we have over 100 fish each day. Today the river produced 130 salmon!

We have reached 8.000 salmon!

The Ranga has already reached 8.000 salmon and we still have 3 weeks left of the season.