Best day of the season.

12th of august – Finally a change in the weather! The start of last week was warm, but the last couple of days have been cold with wind coming from the north so maybe we will see more normal Icelandic summer temperatures again.

The catches have been good this week and the best day of the seas

Big fish week.

6th of august – Afraid to repeat myself, but the weather stays the same, and this last week even a bit warmer. We really hope for a major change, but the forecast for the next many days says very little rain and no big change so we just need to adapt to this kind of weather in Iceland this yea

Exciting project

30th of July – The weather is still very warm for Iceland, this year have been very strange and no one can remember a situation like the one we have this year, we all really hope for some rain and a lot of it for a couple of weeks to even out the last months dry weather, again last week we hav

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