30 august 2019 – The two last weeks have been up and down in terms of fish and fishing as the numbers is going down due to only few fish running into the river at this time of the year, but we have still had some really nice big fish taking the fly and there have been some really tuff fighting

Biggest fish of the season sofar

22th of august 2019 – The weather this week was really mixed, first some really nice and calm days and then three days of very strong northen wind and some hours storm every day that effected the fishing, and on the same time made it very difficult to cast as well as it seems that the salmon s

Best day of the season.

12th of august – Finally a change in the weather! The start of last week was warm, but the last couple of days have been cold with wind coming from the north so maybe we will see more normal Icelandic summer temperatures again.

The catches have been good this week and the best day of the seas

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