Hitching the West Ranga river.

19 july 2016

Fishing is still on fire in the West Ranga, we are catching a lot of fish every day and there is an abundance of fish in the river at the moment. Lately a lot of fish has been taken on hitch flies, recently we had an angler from Denmark who caught 31 fish in total and 19 of the fish were on the hitch in the few days he fished the river and had a lot of fun.

So at the moment the fish comes to surface to take the hitch all over the river and many anglers experience to get their first “hitched” salmon ever in the West Ranga river.

We passed 2000 salmon several days ago and the total of the river is now on 2364  salmon landed, sofar the average number of fish caught a day is 91 fish for the season, pretty good fishing if you ask us, so everybody at the lodge is happy at the moment, even the staff is trilled over the great fishing our guest experience at the moment along the banks of the West Ranga river this season. Regarding staff, we need to say that we are so pleased and happy to have such a great staff and we are sure you will feel like home when you are visiting our lodge this year, welcome to the West Ranga Lodge.