Great season in the West River

2th of October -2017.  This year we have had another fantastic season in the West Ranga, we are at this very moment passing 7000 landed Atlantic salmon in the river, so we are super happy for the result this season, especially when we know that most other Icelandic rivers have be struggling with low water levels and therefore many fish stayed out for a long time before they finally decided to enter the rivers, many of the fish came that late that most of the rivers had already closed for the season.

Despite the lack of water all over Iceland fish continued to migrate up the West Ranga river and throughout the season the fishing was very steady with daily catches between 80-100 fish we had a lot of happy anglers in the lodge catching plenty of fish during their stay, just recently the fishing have been slowing down a bit, but this is just normal this late in the season, if the weather behaves the next weeks we will properly get some of the last autumn runs into the river and with a bit luck we will be ending just under 7500 fish landed in a season which for the rest of Iceland have been tuff.

Next season we are opening up the river the 20th of June and hopefully we will see the first silver fresh fish caught in the river that day. Next year we are again like this season already almost fully booked with only a very few free licenses left in September and October, and with a long waiting list we have decided to already open up for the booking for 2019 and we are also making waiting list for the 2019 season.

We have had to say no to many many anglers wanting to fish the West Ranga this year and we know that this can seem a bit frustrating for many, we are trying to prevent that already now by working on a waiting list and by planning ahead we hope to get as many as possible to experience the great fishing we know we will have in the river in the season´s to come.

In 2018 we are also opening up the river next season for seatrout fishing in april the fishing has been pretty good the last 2 test seasons, we are planning to open up for the trout/seatrout fishing sometime around middle of april, more info to come about this.

Interested in fishing the West Ranga river in either 2018 (very few open spaces) or 2019 please don’t hesitate to contact our camp manager Johannes Hinriksson on email or mobile +354 696 7030