Great season

12th of oct 2016

What a great season we have had in West Ranga river this year with a lot of fish in the river all through the season and the anglers who have visited us this season have had some very good days during their stay and all wanting to come back to the the river and lodge again for more great adventures.

13918922_10208745472425842_1406077311_o  Skærmbillede 2016-08-18 kl. 17.49.10

Last time we wrote on the site we talked about next year that we will put up a VAKI River watcher video system in the lower waterfall to monitor all the migration of salmon and seatrout running into the West Ranga the coming seasons.

This year there has been no counter in the lower waterfall, but we have had the upper ladder open for some weeks in the autumn and what the data showed us after VAKI had been looking into the data from the counter on the upper waterfall was amazing not only in numbers but also sizewise.

We have been seeing them and some of our guests have been losing some really big fish this season, so we knew that there were some big monsters around in the West Ranga this season, but some of the data revealed by VAKI was absolutely crazy, a fish on 120 cm (estimated weight 15-17 kg) went up the ladder and some weeks later another school of big fish went through the Arbæjarfoss ladder with the biggest fish measuring 117 cm and three other fish on 105 cm.!!

We honestly believe and especially after this season´s amount of 2SW fish in the Ranga´s that we will see  good numbers of big 3SW fish entering the river next season and we are welcoming these fish and hope our clients will manage to hook and land some of these monsters, now proven to run up the West Ranga.!

Skærmbillede 2016-10-12 kl. 20.14.21