Great opening of the trout fishing in West Ranga

19th of April 2018 – We have had a group Norwegians to open up the trout fishing on West Ranga river, they did really well and West Ranga delivered some really nice trophy trout for the group the days they were visiting us in the river, they managed to catch over 30 trout despite the weather some of the days was a challenge. Biggest fish was a trout around 6 kg and several of the fish was just under 5 kg, so all in all a great season opening in the West Ranga. We are looking forward to see what the next weeks are bringing as we have very skilled and keen anglers fishing our waters, stay tuned for updates.


We have plenty of room and a river with trophy trouts waiting for you, so If you want to book trout fishing in the West Ranga river please contact our campmanager Johannes Hinriksson on phone +354 696 7030 or here on mail