Good times in the West.

22th of July 2017 – The fishing is good at the moment with daily catches up to 50 fish a day, still with some really nice MSW fish around, the numbers is little less compared last years crazy fishing witch was out of this world, but still very good and this will be a more normal season. Yesterday West Ranga passed 1000 fish caught and we still have the best part of the season in front of us, We expect big runs of grils in the weeks to come, hopefully with some big fish in the schools running up river.

This year we have installed a Vaki video counter in the lower foss and we have already had some really big fish going through the counter and we can  assure you that a lot of fish have already gone up the ladder, today the number sofar gone through the counter is over 1000 fish so there is plenty of fish to fish between to two lower waterfalls.