Fishing still very good

3th of July 2016

The great fishing continues in the West Ranga, yesterday anglers in the river landed 86 fish, still with lot of big fish, This year the fish is spread all over the river and this is very positive for the anglers visiting the river as they are in action on all beats when they rotate downstreams.
This season opening have very promising and we hope the good fishing we have had sofar will be an indicator on how the season will be this year. We are all looking so much forward to the coming weeks, and all of us in the staff will do our very best to make your stay at the West Ranga river/logde unforgettable.
The picture shows how much chaos there can be for the guide when the anglers exsperience doubbel or trippel hook up (which we already have had a lot off this season) and especially when the fish dont want to cooperate while photos are taken…
West Ranga is now on 649 fish landed, much more than ever so early in the season.

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