First big run of the season.

16th of July – Big change this past week, it started slowly but that have now changed for sure. The weather went from untraditional Icelandic weather as in sunny and warm to more normal Icelandic summer, cloudy, rain and wind. The wind was a bit tough for a while but calmed down in the evenings so the casting and fishing got easier for everyone. In terms of gear this change in weather also ment change in tactics going from small flies and hitching in the surface to more traditionel West Ranga style with float/intermidiate lines mounted with sinking leaders and sunrays sweeping the river.

Friday afternoon we started noticing some changes in the river and a few sealiced grilles caught here and there, but we were in for a treat yesterday and today with many salmon caught and many many was lost and it seems like the first major run of the season has entered the West Ranga river.

To give an idea on how many fish lost, we had one of our guides guiding below the waterfall yesterday morning and they hooked 20 fish and only landed 4 so there is fish around in huge numbers in the river…

Great fun and happy anglers left West Ranga, rebooking and eager to come back.

Very nice big fish was caught in Djùpòs, congratulations to our friend Örvar Óli.

Camp manager Johannes Hinrikkson