Fantastic trouts from West Ranga

16th of May. Anglers is experiencing some very good fishing for big resident trout at the West Ranga river at the moment – A few of our very skilled guides had a great time all the way down at Husabakki at the lower part of West Ranga where the trout above took the fly. The fishing have not only been good above Arbajafoss, but also above and below the lower waterfall, there is trout in the whole system and it is some very serious trout they are catching, we have a group of Norwegians coming to the river in a few days and they will surely get into some good fishing as there is no sign of the fishing is slowing down actually it is getting better and better everytime anglers are visiting the river, the group coming is a group of very skilled trout anglers from Bergen, so we look forward to hear from them every day the come home from the river. We have on the West Ranga river nearly 70 km of fishing in the mainriver on top of that we have a lot of tributaries running into the West Ranga where some of the really big monsters are living.

Do you want to fish for big trouts in the West Ranga please contact our campmanager at or tel. +354 696 7030