Exciting project

30th of July – The weather is still very warm for Iceland, this year have been very strange and no one can remember a situation like the one we have this year, we all really hope for some rain and a lot of it for a couple of weeks to even out the last months dry weather, again last week we have had high temperatures with only a few rain showers with some windy afternoons making the casting difficult for our clients.

We also had our biggest day this season whit 36 salmon landed on the 16 rods fishing the West and again this week many were lost, but as one of our clients said “the best is the take anyway so no worries if you lose the fish” biggest fish this week was +90 cm fish caught by Robert, also Terry and Sue long time clients of ours had some fun in homepool one morning and landed a few nice fish and lost a monster fish.

Also a monster trout on 84 cm was caught in the lower part of the river, the fish will be transported far upstreams in the river so our visiting trout anglers can get the chance to hook it on some lighter gear…the fish was also tagged also to see how the trout migrate in the system.

We are also happy that old pools is starting to give salmon again in the lower part of the river so when the low water slows down some pools, new ones come back in action.

Lovely week with happy anglers in the lodge, some caught in fact more this year than last year, best line combo this week was again floating lines with sinking leaders and smaller sunrays, especially the black/blue hka Sunday was working very well all week, also a few fish were caught on hitch so everything goes…

This week we started an exciting new project, tagging salmon, we want to know how many of our salmon returns back to the river as well how many are caught twice, or even more than that in one season!? We hope for understanding from our clients for this project and we hope that as many as possible will help us in this matter and let us tag and release many fish the next weeks so we get a better understanding of the migration of the West Ranga salmon.