End of season…

1th of oct 2016.

End of 2016 season is getting closer and at moment we are just under 9000 fish caught and landed sofar, we are very happy and proud for the result from the river this year, especially when you look back on the season in Iceland this year, many other places in Iceland rivers have been struggling with low water due to the lack of rain all summer and the salmon runs stopped many places very early in the season due to this.

Through out the season we have had strong runs of salmon entering the West Ranga and the fish just packed up in every pool all the way up to Arbajarfoss. Just for the record, fish is still running into the system and pools are still full of fish, this year the season runs until the 23th of october and we still have a few open rods in the next weeks, so if you would like to go salmon fishing in West Ranga here in october please get in contact with our manager Johannes Hinriksson and he will help you out. If the weather behaves we might pass 10.000 fish for this year and it woúld make 2016 to an absolutly fantastic season.

Skærmbillede 2016-09-23 kl. 19.22.35

Also we want to thank all our guest to trust us to host them during their fishing trip to Iceland this year, we have had clients who has been with us for many years, some have been coming to the West Ranga every season for more than 20 years, we have had young kids catching their first salmon, longtime friends of West Ranga, groups of salmon anglers and fishing clubs from all over the world have been coming to fish the river so all in all a good mix of people enjoying themselves together with us along the West Ranga river. We look very much forward to see you all again next season.


IMG_0408 IMG_0407

We have been improving our operation a lot this year and all guests who have been visiting us in the logde have been very happy about the way we have been running the the operation, we want to thank everybody in the staff who have helped us this year, without you guys we couldn’t have done it as good as we have done. We have some of the best and most professional guides in Iceland and a very hard working kitchen staff, it is almost like a small family(big) and you always feels very welcome visiting the West Ranga lodge, you feel almost like home every time coming back to the lodge after some weeks away.

Skærmbillede 2016-09-23 kl. 19.22.48

Already now we are in the process of improving the operation in the West Ranga also for next season, among many things we are going to install a River watcher video counter in the lower waterfall, which would give us all a better idea on how many fish and not a least how big fish entering the West Ranga during a season, we are looking very much forward to this and cannot wait for the system to be installed by VAKI.

Skærmbillede 2016-10-01 kl. 09.01.19

Skærmbillede 2016-10-01 kl. 09.02.39

Above is a screenshoot of a video and a picture of the VAKI Riverwatcher system this should give us full control sizewise and on the total size of the salmon migration every season, especially how early the salmon and seatrout entering West Ranga river will be very interesting.