Biggest fish of the season sofar

22th of august 2019 – The weather this week was really mixed, first some really nice and calm days and then three days of very strong northen wind and some hours storm every day that effected the fishing, and on the same time made it very difficult to cast as well as it seems that the salmon stays deep and low in the northen cold weather.

A long time friend of the West Ranga that was fishing with us this weekend had a fantastic day which will be remembered for a long time.

He started the morning by catching a throphy seatrout of 90 cm. Later in the afternoon he landed the biggest salmon of the season a 104 cm 24 pound salmon, besides the two fish he got a 92 cm and a 85 cm salmon the same day so you van imagine that we had a really happy angler in the lodge that evening.

The fish took the fly in Homepool and went upstream for quite a while, then suddenly decided to turn downstraems very fast and goes to the other side into left run of the island below homepool, the two guides that where assisting him decided that the only way to land this fish was to cross the lower part of Homepool, so thats what they did and after a very difficult crossing this huge fish was landed, very happy guys returned back to the Homepool after tagging and releasing this beautiful big fish.

The week was relatively good with the best day of season with 44 salmon landed on the 16 rods fishing the upper river.

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