Big fish week.

6th of august – Afraid to repeat myself, but the weather stays the same, and this last week even a bit warmer. We really hope for a major change, but the forecast for the next many days says very little rain and no big change so we just need to adapt to this kind of weather in Iceland this year, but as always nice to be out fishing.

The tagging we started last week has already paid off, Eiki one of our guides tagged a fish on beat 3, released it and the day after it was caught again in homepool on beat 3 and released again, maybe we see the fish again next year as a 2Sw fish in June – We want to say thank to the two anglers who released the fish, we trust this tagging project will give us some very valuable information about the salmon entering the river in the years to come. As many of you know we have a livestreaming video counter in the lodge from the lower foss, last night anglers was watching the big TV screen in the lodge and they saw more than 20 fish running through the counter in only 1/2 hour, going to be exciting to see if this is the start of the august run.

This week has been special with many big males caught, all fish from 7-10 kg some completely fresh with sealice and some older fish that have been in the river for a while, but its is really nice to see these runs of big fish coming into the river here in august and we are looking forward to see more of these fish in the weeks to come.

Stay tuned for more info next week.