Big fish around in the West Ranga.

20th of june 2018 – First day of the salmon season is a date all salmon anglers are looking forward to, almost like kids are looking forward to christmas, this years opening showed that there was 2SW fish in all pools from the highway bridge in Hella and all the way down to Djupos, biggest fish caught this morning session was a cracking 100 cm male salmon who came out of Djupos, not only the salmon was on the hunt today todays fishing also showed us that there is still a lot of big seatrout in the river, so anglers have been enjoying themself this morning with a lot of action.

We have been in doubt on the numbers of fish in the river the last weeks due to the bad weather lately which have made it difficult to spot fish in the places we normally can see the fish, this morning showed that the fish is around and there was action in every pool, especially the size of the fish was very good, all 10 fish caught this morning (same number lost) was 2 SW fish from 78 to 100 cm and gives a good idea on what kind of fish there is in the pools.

The guys opening up the river fishing homepool had some really good fishing the first hours catching 4 big fish in a row, they were actually fighting more than they were casting..! On top of that they lost also some really big fish, especially one fish that just went downstreams out of homepool and just broke of long way down on the rapids below, surely there is big fish around!  by the way most fish caught this morning was on the blue HKA Sunray which off course can be bought in the West Ranga shop at the lodge.

If you want to fish the waters of West Ranga please take contact to our camp manger Johannes Hinriksson on mail  we have very limited space left in june/july and again middel of august

Going to be super exciting to see how the next days and especially the afternoon session turns out, stay tuned for more info in the next days…