Best day of the season.

12th of august – Finally a change in the weather! The start of last week was warm, but the last couple of days have been cold with wind coming from the north so maybe we will see more normal Icelandic summer temperatures again.

The catches have been good this week and the best day of the season also came this week were the river gave 40 salmon to the 16 rods fishing to upper part of the river.

On the same day one of our guests and good friends from Skotland Charles Berry landed 11 fish after lunch, great fisherman, he have been visiting us every year for 11 years now, we are all looking forward to see him again in the years to come.

We are still catching a good number of big seatrout, up to 8 kg, this fishing is a fantastic addition to the salmon fishing and we are very happy to have this exstra to offer to our guest when they visit us in Iceland.

We have a 100% catch and release program on our seatrout and we can see that the fishing for these fantastic fish increase every year, hopefully we can get the stock of West Ranga seatrout back in shape in the years to come.

Our tagging program is running good and quite a few fish is being tagged every day, we are looking forward to meet these fish again next season, besides this the really good news is that fresh fish is still running in the river every day, many with long tail sealiced which indicate that they are coming straight in from the Atlantic ocean.