1th of April 2019


1th of April – Fools day is normally the day you try to pull a leg on your friends and family so here it comes, “22 big trouts on the 4 rods in West Ranga today” Yes is sound like a joke, but it is not, we have had a dream opening on the trout fishing today, the morning started out in snow and bad weather, but ended out in a beautiful day with clear blue skies and sunshine, the lucky anglers from Norway really enjoyed the day and had a lot of action on all 4 rods from Hella and down to the Djupos junction.

Most beautiful fish was this beautie caught just upstreams Hella by the old bridge pool, a place that normally holds some really big trout all year around. Biggest fish today was colored male on around 7-8 kg caught in the Djupos area.

We really look forward to hear more from the anglers who are going to fish West Ranga all this week, If you are looking for trout fishing in Iceland in the spring and summer please contact our campmanager Johannes Hinriksson for more info on johannes@westranga.is

We still have some open spots for the fantastic trout fishing in West Ranga, the Upper West Ranga has some really big fish and up there you find the real monsters…