30 august 2019 – The two last weeks have been up and down in terms of fish and fishing as the numbers is going down due to only few fish running into the river at this time of the year, but we have still had some really nice big fish taking the fly and there have been some really tuff fighting going on were the fish the most of the times have been the winner.

We also said goodbye to a big group of happy Norwegian anglers, they spent a full week with us at lodge, we are very happy as they said they are all looking very much forward to come back next year adding four rods to the party so they will have the whole river for them self in 6 days,  this will give them plenty of time to enjoy all the great things West Ranga offers.

If we should mention anyone would it be Sten Erik who caught a trophy seatrout of 88 cm in the lower part of the river, the fish put up a dramatic fight and Svein Erik got full value for his money.

The week gave a lot of adventures to most of anglers in terms of touching big fish, but as most anglers know, leaders break and hook get loose so a lot of fish lost this week, biggest salmon landed salmon was a 93 cm male salmon from the Hellisey pool, but as we said much bigger fish lost some of them way over 100 cm. The last days have been slow as a storm passed and made the fishing almost impossible due to really strong wind, but the anglers are still fishing and getting acceptable numbers everyday, even in a season like this one were the run of salmon have been very low in most of the rivers in Iceland.

We are still tagging a lot of fish, as said before we really look forward to see what comes out of this project, already now quite a few fish already caught again, actually one of them in the East Ranga river, going to be interesting to see what next year brings, hopefully we will see some 2W fish entering the river marked by us as grilse this year.